28 February 2017

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I just need to rant a little here ... Okay, so the latest episode of Murdoch Mysteries (The Artful Detective in some parts of the US) featured HP Lovecraft. I was so looking forward to it. I mean, a young Lovecraft in Toronto at 14 or so and finding himself tied to a murder would have been really cool. Save that the episode was terrible. And apparently I am not allowed to complain because the writer of said episode passed away suddenly about a week ago.

The episode had two plots, one involving the murder of a young woman who is tied to a 16 to 18 year old Lovecraft (he was 14 in 1904, by the way), and the second involving Mrs. Brackenreid reading Dracula for her book club. The episode features Lovecraft obsessed with death, decay, blood, and women and had none of Lovecraft's usual themes of cosmic horror, inherited guilt, the unknown, and a descent into madness. It was like the writer wanted to do something about Bram Stoker (because blood, death, and seduction are his themes) and then threw Lovecraft into the episode at the last second either because he could or (and this is more likely) because the CBC told him to since Lovecraft is becoming popular again.

A 30 second Wikipedia search would have told the author that Lovecraft's mother was institutionalized in 1915 not 1903, that he was a very sickly child prone to night terrors and sleep paralysis, and that the Lovecraftian themes that made up his not-so-little corner of horror had been with him since he was a child. What they presented was poorly executed and all the atmospherics and dutch angles were not going to save it.

But the writer of said episode tragically passed away and that apparently means that no one can criticize him any more. I guess that means that Howard Phillips Lovecraft gets a pass on his casual racism then too, right?


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