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So it's June and I should probably update about something.

Work (specifically the crap politics at work) are driving me crazy and are destroying my desire to write however I have decided not to give in to it. I will not let my co-workers' idiocy take this away from me! ... We'll see how long this lasts.

So, I am hoping to take part in the July Camp Nano so that requires some plotting on my part. Luckily this is going to be a fanfic based on my play through of Fallout 4 so that requires less thinking on my part.

As for other things, if I can get the bunnies to spawn again, I'm going to try my hand at another Librarians/Warehouse 13 crossover, especially since the one I wrote was taken so well. It's incredible what some feedback will do for the desire to write - and I now that's rich coming from me, since I'm terrible at leaving feedback. I'm trying to get better ont hat one though.

Lastly Transformers. I'm currently in a bit of a love/hate with the fandom. It seems that there's a lot of anger going around - people insisting that writers are terrible for writing triggery stuff (when the warnings and tags are clear), or insisting that writers only work on the readers' preferred pairing or fanon interpretation. So none of that is fun. But also, I'm no longer following the IDW comics (I have issues with them that I won't go into here because it might lead to a rant) and that's all that's being written lately. I no longer have any idea who the characters or situations are and as good as some of the writing is, it feels like I'm reading fic from another fandom. And lastly a lot of the fic now is BDSM/sticky/dark fic and I have discovered that much of the subject matter covered is triggery for me. It's a real pity because I love so many of these writers, but if reading the fics makes me angry, what's the point is reading them? It also seems that since I don't write that kind of fic my readership is pretty low.

Now, I know - Write for yourself! And that's true; we need to write for ourselves, but we post for others. So I have two requests still outstanding and I have two unfinished fics as well as a bunny periodically gnawing away at me. I will work on those and post the requests, but the others I will keep until I am good and ready to post them. Maybe after the next Bayformers movie comes out. I may think that the movies are crap, but at least they are good at bringing new blood into the fandom. And maybe that's what we need. I dunno.

So that's it for June. If I'm quiet it's because I'm working on fic or because I've staple-gunned a coworker to the wall and am on the lamb.
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