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Nap Time by *Wyntir-Rose on deviantART

This is a particularly special picture to me. It features my eldest (Tika) and my youngest (Logan).

Logan just worships Tika. He follows her around, he tries to sleep next to her, he tries to play with her, and he comforted her when she lost her leg. Between you and me, I think he wants to marry her when he grows up.

Tika, however, dislikes him. She doesn't hate him like she does Keegan, but she does find him to be a bit too forward.

So when I found them lying on my computer chair, backs touching, I just had to get a picture of them. It shows that she is finally starting to accept her baby brother. It's only taken her two years.
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Baby News! )

My babies are losing their tiny little minds! )

To-Do List (or things I must do before the week is out):

- Get US passort renewed -- Fill out form; get photos taken; get a cheque for $60 USD; mail forms, money, and passport to the proper office.
- Make an appointment for Scout's checkup
- Look into arrangements for my French testing

... and there's something I'm forgetting ...? Oh well, it will come back to me.
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I had the longest day today, and so, I decided to treat myself to a toy -- I bought Grimlock, I brought him home, introduced him to Tika, and she proceeded to try to eat him. I think I'll have to keep them separate.

Kitty vs Mecha-Godzilla by *Wyntir-Rose on deviantART
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I just had a fun little romp around my house. *whew*

My youngest, Logan, just fell into my father's bath and got soaked through. He looked like a drowned rat and wouldn't let any of us near him to dry him off. He acted like we were planning something terrible ... mind you, I suppose that us laughing at him the whole time didn't help any.

We finally caught him, dried him off, and now Tika is holding him down and cleaning his tail. It's an impressive sight, what with her weighing significantly less than him. Of course, he might be staying still because he's worried she'll bite something off if he argues with her.
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So I did the happy dance a while back because I can finally get Archaeology Magazine shipped to Canada. It turns out there was fine print on that though. Sure I can get it shipped here, but I have to pay for it on a cheque or money order drawn from an American bank!

I hate the Archaology Institute of America right now ... *grumble*

I know that it will only cost be 10 dollars more a year to continue buying it as it is, but it's the priciple of the thing that has me pissed off.

And on a slightly stranger note: My youngest is out on the deck screaming at a chipmunk. It seems that he's angry that the little rodent won't get closer so it can be eaten. Keegan in the meantime has beaten Logan up twice now for making too much noise and scaring said chipmunk off. It seems to be a case of "Hey! I was watching that!"
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I just found out that one of my co-workers lives just up the street from me. Literally, just up the street. She's at the corner of Golflinks and Hawktree and I'm halfway down Hawktree. ... very, hmmm, not odd. But I guess it just shows to go you.

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So, all good.
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We thought we were doing everything right. We kept her caged, we kept her quiet and as calm as possible. We did her physio five times a day, just like we were told. We gave her her pill every morning, mashed into her food, just like we were told.

Last night we were about to do her exercises when we noticed that her body is really hot but her ears and feet are cold, and there is what appears to be a piece of metal sticking out of her leg, but there was no blood at all.

We brought her into the vet today to get her stitches out ans they are going to do x-rays on her leg. They think the pin may have shifted. So after everything, after two weeks of torturning this poor animal, she may lose the leg anyway. I'll know more after the x-rays are done. My parents will call me at work to keep me updated.

... I'm a mess. We'll see if things get better or worse in the next hour or so.

Edit: I finally heard back. Apparently there was a line up and then she refused to go under ... Anyway, the gist of it is that the pin has pulled away from the bone. The surgeon will see if he can put in a new pin that will come out of the leg on both sides and stay in until she heals. He'll send us an estimate on the cost if it can be done. If he feels that it can't be, then we're looking at amputation at the shoulder and it'll cost $2000 on top of the, I think, $4000 my parents have already spent on the surgery itself. ... I keep thinking that if I had been home none of this would have happened. If I had gone with my original plan of just letting my parents go to Aruba as a second honeymoon, if I hadn't let them talk me into accepting this as a birthday present. ... We'll know more tomorrow. I wish that I have sick leave and personal days because I don't want to be at work right now.

Edit 2: It's official. They're going to have to take the leg. There's just not enough bone to do anythign else except a very risky and very experimental porcedure that would leave her in pain for the rest of her life and has a very low probability of success. My mom is taking this really badly, so I'm sucking it up and being the strong one, preventing my mom from losing it completely. She's convinced herself that she did the physio wrong. That's not the case at all, but she's convinced herself that it it. Tika will have the surgery tomorrow morning and we'll get her back on Thursday or Friday. It will likely be only a week or so of recovery, depending on how the proceedure goes.
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Logan gave us a scare this evening (Logan is our youngest, by the way).  Now that there is very little snow on the deck, we're letting the babies out there to get sun and fresh air.  Tika and Keegan love it.  They jump on the rail and lie in the sun, looking happy like only cats can.  Logan still can't make it up, and we won't put him up until he can do it on his own.

Logan is a horrible clutz and he's terribly curious, so we try to keep a close eye on him.

So they're all out there, and we look away for a moment.  That's all it took.  We turned back and Logan was gone.  We figured that he had fallen, so I run downstairs to get him in, only he's not there.  So I'm panicking.  He's not on the deck, he's not in the house, he's not in the yard.  So we all prepare for a drawn out search (made all the harder due to him not knowing his name).  I'm getting my shoes on and preparing to go search the golf course, when who should come strolling out of a closet.

I swear that I had checked there.  I'm now completely convinced that cats jump dimensions. ....

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