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The scarf is done! Three strips in Loops & Threads Impeccable Big! in Fresh Lilac. 200 stitches wide and 5 rows high braided together and held in place with a line of single crochet.
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I'm actually almost finished the latest chapter of The Polyhex Candidate! I know, right? It's only been seven months since the last chapter. But I think I may be over the particular hump I was facing. The writing in this chapter is coming across as a little odd compared to the previous ones, but I figure that my style has changed a bit and the characters are not exactly well-hinged at this point, so I can get away with a bit of oddity.

I need to find out if my former Beta is still interested and has the time to take a look. I figure the chapter won't be done before the end of the week, and then I'm on vacation and potentially away from the 'net for a week. But at this point in time, after seven months, a few more weeks is not going to make a difference.

I've also been plotting away on my original story and I have the first chapter figured out at this point. Now I just need to figure out how the house and/or ghost(s) is going to try to kill the cast and just how the red shirts will die. I know that one will involve a shovel (in honour of Hammer Studios) and a probably a hanging (in honour of The Haunting of Hill House). I just need to decide just how Gothic I'm going since I'm also infusing this with Lovecraft and Steam/Diesel/Teslapunk.

Anyway, though, the muses are starting to contemplate talking again, and I'm actually feeling better for it. It never occurred to me that my depression was partially being caused by a lack of creativity, or that a new Crochet project would help get things going well again.

And speaking of, this is the project - 63 easy to crochet pattern stitches combine to make an heirloom afghan. Mine is lavender, amethyst, and oatmeal, rather than the green, rose, and aran pictured. I figured that squares are a great project to bring onto a plane with me, since they're each only 7x7 inches square and only use one colour each. I'll provide a picture of the squares as I complete them and then one of the finished work.
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Okay, so the other day I posted the recipe for Cranberry Pie. Well, on the positive side, the filling made a delicious cranberry sauce and I will be making it again. One the negative side, as a pie it's, uhm, ... my test subjects (aka parents) described it as "interesting".

So let's take it from the beginning:

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Thankfully for my weekend I finished the throw I was working on. The pattern was, sadly, broken and needed to be rewritten slightly, but after a good bit of frogging (rip-it, rip-it :D) I finished the pattern and it is really, really lovely!

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For those interested, this was the Pining Around Throw by Mary Maxim.
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So the weather has decided to get stupid again. It was supposed to go up to 7 Celcius. (I think that's about 45 Fahrenheit). It has warmed up, but with it has come freezing rain and there is no way in hell that I'm going outside if I can avoid it. Therefore I am spending the day inside and being a homebody.

Right now I'm making chicken soup from scratch. The chicken stock is simmering away happily and I'll be starting the soup once that's done. I came across a chicken soup recipe that sounded really good. It consists of roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and carrots; and it occurred to me that the flavours might be really nice with a touch of curry and some coconut milk. So, basically I am now trying to invent a new chicken soup recipe. If it works out I will post the recipe and some pictures.

I'm also planning on trying my hand at a tarte tatin. I tried the Martha Stewart recipe and nearly scalded myself with the melted sugar. This new recipe looks far easier. And less dangerous.

I'm also planning on completing my crochet project today. It seems that there's an error in round 19 that I'm trying to figure out. Again, pictures will follow once it's done.

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I've decided to post pictures of previous creations and those that come. I think this'll be once a week, and then once I finish them.

So let's start with my first blanket.

It's made out of a 4 ply worsted weight crochet cotton, which makes it a shade stiff. But being 100% cotton it breathes and is a wonderful summer lapghan.  The design is a traditional granny square.


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