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J'en y-vais pour passer mon examen de français.

Edit: It's done and I'm home. Et non, je suis bien trop fatigue pour écrire ça toute en français ... I think that the test went well. First it was the writing comprehension test (for 120 minutes *ugh*) and then the reading (for 90 minutes). I entered the test at 1:15 and didn't get out until 5:00, what with the explanation period and the short between-test break. The whole thing was done on a computer, and, honestly, with no paper and pencil I started forgetting what I was doing by the time I was working on the second test. My mind started to wander during it, but I always did better on the reading, so I'm not too terribly worried. I should hear back at some point next week. So, here's hoping!
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I just got back my test results on the Administrative Skills exam that I took for this Pool I've joined. I passed, and yet I still feel terrible.

I got a 38 out of 65. I needed at 35 to pass. So it's a pass, but as far as I'm concerned I did terribly. And of course, they only send the results and don't tell you where you lost points.

I should have done better. I would have figured that my score would have been at least 50/65 ... I have no idea where I screwed up. I was so confident leaving this test. I was sure that except for the five theoretical math questions I had gotten almost everything correct.

Well, there is one good thing at least. All that matters is that I passed. The folks administering the Pool don't care what the actual score is. Doesn't stop me from feeling like a bit of a failure.

I think I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a poutine.
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I just found out that one of my co-workers lives just up the street from me. Literally, just up the street. She's at the corner of Golflinks and Hawktree and I'm halfway down Hawktree. ... very, hmmm, not odd. But I guess it just shows to go you.

Teal Deer Alert )

So, all good.
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I just had the strangest argument with a man on the phone ...

See, we're a secure office, meaning that if you don't have a pass, someone has to buzz you in. Outside the door there is a phone that allows you to call in and announce your presence. Now, this phone does not allow you to call out, but apparently, you can call into it.

The man who just called refused to believe that he had reached a door and that we were not the people to call to get his handy-cam fixed. I mean, if we were the electronics store and really didn't want to talk to him, couldn't we have come up with a better excuse than "I'm sorry sir, but you've reached a door"?

Not surprisingly, as soon as he found out that he had reached Treasury Board he hung up. It's incredible just how many people think that TBS is Revenue Canada.
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I officially hate Saint Jean Baptiste day. I understand that it's an important day in Catholic Quebec, and I understand that they get it instead of Civic in August, but the fact is that because of this holiday Government has ground to a halt (even though we're still open) and I'm working a nine and a half hour day with no breaks.

Half the office is gone for the Quebec holiday, leaving me as the only administrator. Since there's no one to take over for me on the phones (all the bilingual staff are gone) I get no lunch break and pee breaks have to be carefully planned. I'm paranoid that the phones will ring or a courier will show while I'm in the loo.

Eveything has hit the fan with EVERYTHING needing to be done today. Unfortunately the executive and administrative assistants failed to give me a heads up on Friday, so I'm in the dark. And then to top it all off, a woman bumped into me this morning and caused me to spill scalding hot coffee all over my hand. It's not red any more but it still stings.

I guess that this is a warm up for Canada Day, though. It will be worse on the Friday before because no one will be in, but I have to be just in case someone calls or a courier shows up.
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I got to talking with the Executive Assistant and the Administrative Assistant in my office today. We were just chatting away as the tech support guys updated our systems and the topic of titles came up.

See my Big Boss' title is Assistant Secretary, and, to the uninitiated, this sounds like his assistant outranks him. What can I say? Treasury Board is a strange place with even stranger titles.

The whole conversation got me to thinking. Do you realize that only 30 short years ago the Big Boss would have been called a Director, and all three of us minions (EA, AA, and Receptionist) would have been called Secretaries. ... and we would have all hung out in a Pool.

How things change ...
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You know, I've worked for guys like this ...

Today has gone much better than yesterday. Presentation plans are going smoothly and I no longer need to organize teleconferences. All my paperwork is don, and now I am simply waiting on other people to get back t me.

All this means that if my tummy is still iffy tomorrow, I can stay home with no guilt. ... well, not much guilt anyways.
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Now this is a telling comment.

I got into a conversation with one of the Analysts today. Somehow we got to talking about my years as a temp. She asked me why I didn't have permanent work and I mentioned that I had difficulty passing the French test, which is a requirement for ALL jobs in the Canadian government in Ottawa.

She said to me, and I quote: "Well, why not look elsewhere. There are lots of other fields out there. Why limit yourself to being just an admin?"

I remained polite and smiley, but inside I was seething. Just an admin? JUST AN ADMIN?!

I send off their faxes, I mail their letters, I make their copies, I book their boadrooms, I plan their travel, I arrange for their meetings, I order their hospitality, I make reservations at restaurants for them. Hell, I even lock their cabinets at night! Some of these people can't even fill a stapler on their own, and I am just an admin? Government would crawl to a halt if it wasn't for us Administrators!

Remember Radar and Klinger from M*A*S*H? They were just admins too, and how well do you think the 4077 would have worked without them?

*grumble* I'm going to loose myself in my Starbucks and sulk now. *grumble*

... You know, I think I may write a story out of this. There's a plot bunny in here somewhere.
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I just don't know why these people think that I can pull stuff out of my ass, I really don't. I mean, I admit that my bottom is rather large, but I can't pull people or staplers out of it!

No, no, this doesn't mean that I like my job any less, but it does mean that I'm having a bad day.

I had one lady call and get mad at me because one of the analysts wasn't waiting at her dest for this call. A call, I might add, that she had no way of knowing was going to arrive. And I had an analyst break our high end stapler. He stuck industrial staples into it, jambed it, and then tried to pry the thing open with a letter opener. His excuse? Apparently staples are staples and all sizes fit into all staplers ... I just ... I have no words for that kind of special.

Then, adding to my mood, the city is terring up Bank Street. For those not in Ottawa, Bank is one of the major streets through downtown. Traffic is being rerouted, sidewalks are closed to pedestrians, and it's become bloody difficult to get from point A to point B. Now this has been going on for a while now, no it's nothing new. What is new, however, is that the construction workers have gone on strike. Now I'm all for Unions. They serve their purpose and, honestly, I don't know what the beef is so I can't comment. But this? This is slagging annoying, it really is! And I can't help but wonder how many of the small businesses will go under in the meantime? They've been terring up Bank Street for about 6 months now, and now, they're on Strike ...

But, calmness will return, and in an attempt to relax, I am speding my coffee break doing mindless quizzez.

All of these are borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] darkfire_blade

Quizzes, cut for space )
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Les autre emplois a mon travaille sont si gentile! Ils m'aident avec ma français, and maintenant ils me parlent seulment en françcais. J'espers qu'il va maider avec mes tests, quand je doit les prendre.

Okay, so enough with the french. I have been informed that they will definately be keeping me once my temp contract is up. First I will be in a casual position (more pay, but still no benefits), and then they will try to bring me in under Contract (more pay and benefits). I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that I can pass my French test.

With the other employees refusing to speak to me in English, the spoken should go okay. So far the written isn't going as well as it could. I'm still getting As, which, preversely, is the lowest score. I need to get a B to hold this position permanently. I'm still only a few points away, and it's the trick questions that are getting me. Well, practice makes perfect.
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Okay, so nothing is difinitive. They have to go through HR and these things tend to fall through for me, but ...

I was just offered a job with Regulatory Affairs! It'll probably be a casual, but that's okay. It may not even work out, but it's the thought that counts!

Yeah! I am happy!!!!

Edit: And they are sending me to French testing and helping me prepare for the written!
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I've been extended at work until the end of August but it's on the condition that I not take any vacation time. I'm still doing the Aruba trip, but thatès only becaus I told them that the trip was already set in stone. It's a bit of a bitch. I was hoping to get up to Yellowknife this summer and to Montreal and Toronto for a couple of weekends, but all that's out now.

It's the biggest problem with temp work. There's no vacation time.

But this job means more money with means that I will be actively looking for a new laptop and I'm likely going to break down and buy a new MP3 player. Mine will only play the radio now. *shrug* I guess there's a reason why BenQ no longer makes MP3 players. So I'll likely be selling my soul to Apple in the next few weeks.
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I started my new contract today. I am working for the Treasury Board Secreteriat, Regulatory Affairs Sector. I'm their Receptionist ...

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Receptionists, but their job is often one of the most boring. I made a photocopy which I mailed out. I let couriers in and then delivered the incoming envelopes. I made a reservation for lunch for tomorrow. ... Let's see, what else ... I updated an employee list, and tonight I get to lock up and set the alarm ...

Yeah, I know, I sound like I'm whining, but really I'm not. It's just that my agency told me that this was an Administrative position. That I'd be an Administrative Assistant and be making travel arrangements ... I don't know if these people misrepresented themselves to my agency or if it's my agency misrepresenting themselves to me, but either way, I'm less than pleased ... This was supposed to be a potentially long term position that would advance my resumé. But if today is any indication then all I get to add is Receptionist. Which will cause future employers to beg the question: Why did she go from Administrative Co-Ordinator to Quality Assurrance Clerk, to Mail Clerk, to Receptionist? ... I'm going backwards ...

But I MUST look on the positive side. ... Maybe this will lead me with more time to write ... It's work. I'm being paid. I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I have much to be thankful for ... It's work. I'm being paid. I have a roof over my head *repeat mantra again and again*

I think that if some of my other options don't pan out, then it's time to contact the other agencies.
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I just heard from my agency. They have a potential position with Treasury Board starting ASAP and going through July. It's an AS-2, which means proper administrative work, rather than clerical. I honestly don't mind the clerical and quality assurance work, but it's not exactly stimulating. This job's closer to home and it's got free parking, both of which are bonuses. And, like all other temp positions lately, this one will need an interview. Apparently they got bitten when a temp failed to show up for the first day of work and provided no notification to either his agency or the clients. *shakes head* I just have to wonder at the work ethic of these kids today ... yeah, I'm old, deal with it.

My agent will let me know the situation. Hopefully this one is more prosperous than the last few.
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*Expletives to put Ratchet to shame* They went with someone else.

I just heard from my agency about it. In the meantime they've put my resume in with National Defence in the General Manager's office. that won't start until the 16th (if I get it), but I got my income tax return this week, so I'll be fine financially until something comes up, as long as I don't have to fill up on gas too often ($1+ a litre? That gets expensive when you're driving an SUV).

And there are people here who may ask me back next week for a few days to work on their Excel spreadsheets. *SIGH* I guess, them's the breaks.

EDIT: Well the good folks at NRCan found more work for me to do, so I'm back next week! *happy dance*
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I had an interview today with Health Canada. It's for an Administrative Assistant position with the Native and Inuit Health Center and promises to be busy and demanding. With my personality, both those things are always good in a job. They've taken my references, asked me if I would be willing to work permanently or if I was just after a temporary job, and will make a decision in a day or two.

When I got back to my present contract I was told by my supervisor that she's really sorry to see me go because I'm dedicated, efficient, professional, courteous, and skilled. Apparently everyone is pleased as punch with my performance. Now, a part of me is embarassed, a part of me is preening, and a part of me is perplexed.

I mean, apparently a person with my abilities is hard to come by in the government. Apparently the permanent girl who's coming back on Tuesday is far less skilled than I am. Apparently, they can't find compentent personnel. And al I can think is, excuse me? If this is true, then why can't I find something permanent?

*sigh* Canadian government at it's finest. ... But as depressing as the thought is, the praise was very, very nice.
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I got into work this morning and learned that the contract that ws supposed to end in June is now going to end in two weeks. It seems that the woman I'm replacing has given her notice to the place she's on assignment to and will be returning just after Easter.

... great ... just great ...

Ah, and I'm posting because I have a computer and internet access, but my email isn't registering and I've read all I can to get ready ... *shakes head* This is shaping up into the quite the week. Luckily I can look forward to my first quilting class on Thursday night.
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I failed the French Test I needed for the position with Border Services. ... I passed the reading but I failed the writing by 9 points ...

Next time I'm lucky enough to find a position that's willing to test me, I'll pass, but in the mean time ... this really sucks. Guess I'll just have to temp for a bit longer.
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I had an interesting day today ...

I didn't go into work because I had a job interview this morning with Natural Resources Canada. It's a temp position until June acting as the Administrative Assistant to one of the Director Generals. It's a good job, more in my area of expertise, and it will likely be extended through the summer to fill in for vacationing people. And most importantly it's getting me away from DFAIT. The interview went beautifully and I start on Monday! Yeah me!!

So I decided to celebrate by running some errands. We travelled off to IKEA where I bought some new bedding and two new lamps, and we then had lunch at Millstones. The food was wonderfully yummy and all seemed well until I tried my friend Vicie's meal. She had the kobe beef meatloaf with mashed potatoes and bread pudding. What I didn't realize was that the pudding contained gorgonzola and that had contaminated the rest of the meal.

Here's the thing, I'm allergic to pennicillin. I have an anaphylactic reaction to it. Thankfully there wasn't enough pennicilin rockforti in the meal to kill me, and Vicie always carries benedryll. Now I have a rash, but it's been getting better as the day goes on. It was a bit of a scary moment that's tinted the whole day ... I guess that'll teach me to be more careful about what I put in my mouth ... :(
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I am so mad I could spit!

I'm still having problems with my contract. I have explained to the director that my time sheet has to be signed and sent in on Friday, and yet, this past Friday he took off at noon. He told one person that he had to be home because a problem with the phones and he told another that his daughter was sick. He was supposed to come back at 4, he even called to confirm that he would be back for the meeting, and then never showed. And this morning? Apparently it's his day off!

My supervisor was in today and she got another director to sign the form, but she didn't get that done until about 2 this afternoon.

So I've had it! I go onto my yahoo mail to get a copy of my resume to update and I find this happy little message from my agency waiting for me:

"As of yet, your timesheet for last week, week-ending March 16th, has not been received. Remember that timesheet are due on Fridays or at the very latest Monday morning by 10AM. I've noticed that your name is often on the list, we do not have time to run after you, therefore please respect the deadlines set. Thank you!"

So now, because of this shit-head and his less-than-stellar work ethic, I'm in trouble with my agency. Nice, real nice.

I spoke with my agent and she has a potential position starting for me next week. I am praying that it goes through. Even if it doesn't I have told my agency that I will never work for DFAIT again!


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