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It's a tad early yet ... though not really, now that I look at the calendar and see that it's the 20th already! Anyway, I am finding myself going through this year's posts and it occurs to me that I didn't post nearly enough. Nor did I write enough. It's like the old joke: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice." I need to write more if I want to get better at it, and I need to focus more on short-fic. There's no point in continuing to write novel length fics if I never finish them!

So, I already said over on Tumblr, I am aiming to have the next chapter of "Polyhex Candidate" posted by the end of the 25th (since Christmas will be very, very quiet for me this year), and I'm aiming to finish the next chapter of "Someone I Used to Know" as well. I have more scene ideas for the TF/MCU crossover, and I think that I may try to write several shortfics on that, rather than a long one. I have lots of ideas for the story, but no real direction and I think that several short pieces may help there. I might even try my hand at spinning off from the IDW/Avengers in concept and then go for the humanized angle later once there's an established relationship.

However, that story is starting to tie into my "Medical Psychology" series and that one needs a lot of world building in order to proceed. I may just start posting some of my headcanon in regards to the war, Cybertronian culture, Cybertronian reproduction and gender distinctions, and all the other machinations I have running around in my mind. The thing is that there is a lot out of IDW that I really like in concept and dislike in execution, and I'd like to play with those ideas and make them work with my own fanon and the extended fanons that I've adopted. And that ties in to the MCU crossover in that I need to decide what to keep and what to throw away - because there are aspects of the MCU that I really, really, really dislike.

So that's the tentative plan for my next few weeks as we close out the new year. And hopefully it will help me get on track for next year.
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I've found myself going back through my old journal entries trying to track down exactly when I posted my first fanfic, and I realized that I used to post a whole lot more than I do these days. A lot of the stuff I'd posted were things that I had forgotten, and was very glad to be reminded of. So, I think that I will have to start posting again, if for no other reason than as an aide memoire of a sort.

So, first off, an update on the situation with the ficcage. There's not much to update. I was quite sick and stressed out this past month and really didn't get a whole lot written. I've picked up a few additional bunnies (prompts from the rare pairings community), but didn't really get anything written on them. The plan in February is really just to get the Smokey/Ratchet First Meetings fic done. Then, if I can manage it, I'll more on to Polyhex and some other little bunnies I have mulling around in my brain. I'm also planning on trying to write a little something every day (even if it's just 100 words) based on February's prompt list over on 31_days. Hopefully that'll help to get the juices flowing, so to speak.

And the more personal stuff -- let's put that under a cut to save on space and not bother anyone who doesn't care to read it.

More under the cut )
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Happy 2016, everybody! I hope that this year is wonderful and happy for everyone!

I don't do Resolutions, mainly because I never keep them. But I do make plans, and I figure that if I write them down, they'll be easier to track. Yeah, I know. Semantics. But I really feel that "resolutions" are almost an excuse nowadays. "I revolve to do X! Even though there's no way in hell I ever will because my resolution is just too big to be feasible, but at least I can say that I had good intentions!"

Anyway, I have plans, and here they are! The plans for January:

1. Finish the next chapter of "The Polyhex Candidate". I have almost 2k written for this chapter, but it still needs to be completed. Right now I don't have Smokey and Mirage where I need them, and I have some OC things to write so that I can bring Prowl back into the main plot.

2. Finish the Smokey/Ratchet first meeting fic. I'm working on the dinner scene, and that's requiring a bit more confessions than I had originally planned. But I need them to get to know each other enough for Ratchet to keep wanting to see Smokey after the fic is done. Thankfully, part 2 is almost done. I haven't decided yet if this will be posted in one massive thing or three chapters. If I go with a chaptered fic, it'll likely be three. Maybe four if I choose to include some sexy-times with them.

3. Finish the tentatively titled: "Ravage won't take her pills" fic. This one is almost done. I just have to get a better feel for Soundwave and clean things up.

4. Get a better handle on my TF/Avengers fic. At this point I have so many characters that I want to introduce, and so many changes I need to make to the Bayverse characters that I might just go with a totally AU cross between the early IDW (pre-AHM) stuff and G1 with a hint of Bay's Earth thrown in for good measure. Either way, I am looking at the need for world-building.

So those are the four plans. I think I can manage that much this month and then just go from there. Month to month!
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So, October is upon us and that means its time for a new update.

I really, really, really want to get this next chapter of Polyhex done, but the fact of the matter is, it's not going to happen. I'm stalled and I will remain so for a while until I can get myself back together, writing-wise. Plus, we have National Novel Writing Month coming up fast.

So, here are my plans for this month:

I need to get back to writing regularly, so I am taking part in this month's [livejournal.com profile] 31_days prompts, and writing the short fics as part of my The Sessions series. I have the prompts and some of the planned mechs below under the cut. I'm still trying to figure out who to do for what, but this is a start. And I'll be updating this list as I write and post the various chapters.

31 Days prompts for October )

I will also be trying to continue "Who Counsels the Counselor?" (Chapters 1 and 2) and the strange little sequel to Valentine Singularity that I haven't posted at all yet. Apparently I have a lot of Smokescreen and a lot of angst that I need to get out.

So that's it for fanfic, and I'm going to be plotting out my NaNoWriMo novel. It might end up being a story about a haunted town - kind of a cross between the Marie Celeste and the Roanoke Colony. There might end up being a University study, missing/killed students, and a potential ancient evil. I'm drawing inspiration from Lovecraft and hoping to manage a gothic punk aesthetic.

So, that's the plan for October.
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Time for some September updates ...

I don't have a lot to report. Creativity ebbs and flows slowly and the active fics are coming along even slower.

Polyhex is kind of stalled in a chapter requiring mind-fuckery. Mirage's scenes are coming along nicely but I'm having issues with Smokescreen's. It'll come eventually as soon as I get out of my own head on this. I may just skip the chapter completely and come back to it.

The TF/MCU fic is coming along better - at least idea-wise. While a part of me still has an issue with Transformers genders (I'm a child of the 80s and grew up with Cybertronians who had genders. At least according to Cloudburst in issue 53 of Marvel G1 --- I miss Bob Budiansky), I will admit that the idea of female transformers with "traditionally" male forms that IDW is playing with is cool. So I'm seriously contemplating having some of the Cybertronians become female humans in this story. It would lead to some interesting directions and some aspects that haven't been dealt with in other TF-to-human fics. .... And I kind of like the idea of playing with Onslaught and Vortex as female.

That's really about it at the moment.
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Okay, more like random thoughts. And, wow, I am so dating myself. SNL stopped running the Jack Handey sketches in, what? 98? 99? Either way ...

So, I've been sick with a breathing issue and between the not breathing and the puffer I have been having very odd, very rambling thoughts that I just had to share. Because I can.

Rambling ahoy! Oh so much ramblings about TF femmes and Holomatter avatars - seriously this is really rambly and meandering. You have been warned! )
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And it's update time. -- Last time I was a little depressed and unsure, but this month things have been better. Much, much better.

Works in progress ... )

New Bunny! )

And then I need to get back into Bee/Cosmos because I need some fluff after all this dark. I may also try some short fics for Trailbreaker/Silverbolt and Smokescreen/Springer. Fluffy fluff with a little messed up fluff.
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So, this is more for my purposes than anything else, so that I can track by current projects and remind myself of what I'm doing when the bunnies distract me with shiny things.


Original Works )

Fanfiction )

Crochet )

So there we go. Four things to work on this month and hopefully I will be able to keep on track as the month runs by!
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Polyhex is coming along nicely and I have a new chapter posted. The only issue I'm having now is that I really, really, REALLY want to write Smokey/Mirage pronz now. I may just write it as something they run across in Jazz's processor. I figure that there will be a variety of confused fantasies in there, after all. And that will make things so very awkward for poor 'Raj.

The MCU/TF cross-over isn't really going very far, though I do have a variety of scenes written for it. Just no actual storyline. But the scenes are fun and I'm getting a better feel for the voices of the MCU cast.

I'm also working on an original piece of fiction. Right now I'm in the world-building phase and that's actually going a long very well. Basically I'm writing a modern-day steampunk story and I've been trying to make the modern world fit into a steampunk aesthetic, mostly by changing the history of the 19th and 20th century. I've even gone all the way back to the American and French revolutions and tweaked those a bit. Yes, these aren't likely to be things that actually come up in the story, but I like having the background. And writing is writing, right?

Now, as always when I have stuff that MUST be written, the bunnies start to come out of the woodwork and won't leave me alone. It would be an issue if I could write short fiction, but every time I try, the stories end up epic in scope.

Writing ideas and future things that need to be written )

So that's that. That's the update.
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I imagine that most folks have seen that Crack The WIP is back and up and running. But if you haven't go check it out. It's a great way to work with others and to get help and encouragement in completing that work in progress that you've got going.

So, I signed up, and it's already starting to help out. We'll see how it continues, but for right now, the next chapter in The Polyhex Candidate is drafted after several months of fighting with it. I think that having a deadline helps. The knowledge that I will have to check in every two weeks also helps -- last thing I want is to report in with "I have nothing".

Issue with Polyhex and spoilers )
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I've finally finished the Snowflake Challenge this year with the following entries:

Day 1 - A personal Recommendation of my own works.
Day 2 - Fannish things I'd like.
Day 3 - My creative process.
Day 4 - Spreading the love or People You've Never Interacted With Before.
Day 5 - Fannish Origin Story
Day 6 - Create a fanwork. For this part of the challenge, I wrote the first chapter for my Transformers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe story. It's coming along nicely and it should be good! :)
Day 7 - Favourite Trope
Day 8 - Love Meme, or Why should you love me!
Day 9- Surprising Things About Fandom
Day 10 - Playing with something new. For this part of the challenge, I wrote my first ever Captain Marvel/Billy Batson story.
Day 11 Fannish Resources
Day 12 - What I bring to Fandom
Day 13 - Recommend a creator
Day 14 Recommending someone else's works.
Day 15 - Creating your own challenge

This was actually the first year that I completed all of the aspects of the challenge. Sort of. I bowed out of day 2 because I just didn't feel comfortable asking for anything. Though in retrospect, I think I might have asked for some of the rarer pairings that I enjoy. Like Onslaught/Prowl, or Onslaught/Soundwave, or Onslaught/Megatron ... yeah, there's a trend forming here and I think that i'll need to come up with some bunnies for those pairings.

This year was hard, just like last year, but I think I did better this year. There was less pity-partying and more positivity on my part. I think that I'm starting to feel more comfortable in fandom in general and in my own work as a writer. It's a start and I plan on keeping it up this year. Onward and Upward! Right?
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Twenty-nine days, a near total lack of sleep, and a huge pile of words later and I am done. I have hit 50k and I am done NaNo!


Of course, all I really have is a seriously detailed outline and the novel still needs to be written, but I'm under less pressure now to accomplish it. This all means that I can get back to Polyhex and all the other various fanfictions that I had to put on the back burner. First though, some sleep. Lots of sleep.
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This should be the last NaNo update (save for the "I Won" or "I didn't make it" post). I am over three quarters of the way in and I've realized that the story isn't working as it is, and so, I'm starting over. Kind of. Everything that I've written so far is background and there may be some glimmers of scenes that will be usable in this story and in the eventual sequels. I've finally decided on my setting and my time period, and I've come to realize that the changes that I've made to history, do actually work out well. I want this to be set in the early 1900s, but it's a steampunk world where the Solar Storm of 1859 had a far longer ranging effect on the world, and society is far different than the history in the real world. Now that I know when and where and how the world works I can continue with my story. So the remaining 10K of NaNo will be spent plotting out my story and, hopefully, creating a nicely scary and gothic story. With air ships. And psionics. And cyberpunk style implants and augmentations. And magic. And Old Ones. And metahuman races. ... Apparently my Gothic Horror is actually an Urban Fantasy.

And once NaNo is over, I'll start focusing on the fanfictions that have fallen by the wayside.

41777 / 50000 words. 84% done!

On a more personal note ... )
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Well on the positive side, I finally have my characters at the haunted house. That really is the problem of writing in a world that isn't ours and with characters who need to be introduced -- there is just so much world and character building that needs to be done. I keep telling myself that this first draft is just that, a draft and all I'm trying to do is get words on paper. Still though, I so love the core idea behind my story and I really want to share it with people but right now it's pretty much like a giant hairball of a mess.

Still, it's coming along nicely, the characters are developing personalities and I'm pretty sure that I have the 'villain' figured out. At least I've figured out her motivation and what she wants. I still don't know what she's going to do when they stop her (assuming they do). After all, pissing off the avatar of Shub-Niggurath is not going to be a good career move.

33566 / 50000 words. 67% done!

I also took the opportunity to name and post a fic a wrote earlier this year (The Longest Con) - It's a first person telling of Smokey joining the Autobots and I'm thinking of expanding on it since I have this idea in my head that the early Autobots were not nice people and that classism and racism (does that work with robots?) was running rampant among the ranks. After all, Prime would be dealing with the fall out of the corrupt council and all the entitlement that went with it. I kind of got the idea after rewatching some of the early episodes of the original Battlestar Galactica.
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We've completed Week Two and the story is going, sort of. I have the words down and the world seems to have settled in well, but I still haven't gotten the characters into the House yet. I think that when I edit this down I may cut out most of what I did in these last two weeks and incorporate the back story into the dialogue later. One good thing though, by this time last year, I was ready to drop my story and start going back to fanfic. This year the urge to write new fanfic is less intense, and I may be able to fight the urge. In fact, the vague idea I have floating about for an AU Pre-War fic where Optimus leads the rebellion is safely on the back burner. I might even try to work on it for the next Robot Big Bang (whenever that one comes around).

22771 / 50000 words. 46% done!
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Actually this is more of a gripe that anything else. NaNo is going well so far and hopefully it stays that way, but it's going well despite my efforts. Why, precisely did I bother spending the entire month of October planning this novel if my characters were just going to high jack it at the earliest opportunity? It's now gone from a Modern Day Lovecraftian horror to a Steampunk/Deccopunk-ish horror, and now it's turned into Shadowrun. Yup! Now I have fairy folk like Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs as well as the more Lovecraftian Deep Ones Hybrids, and a completely broken United States. I'm anticipating that the Evil Corporation(tm) will be rearing its ugly head soon enough. And now, my protagonist is unknowingly connected to his client through her deceased husband. Oh yeah. Apparently Knight and Quinn served together in the Cambodian Wars only Knight doesn't quite remember.

I don't know why I don't just pants NaNo, since this happens every single year. Still, the word count is good so far, so maybe I should just let the characters do whatever the hell they want to.

9568 / 50000 words. 19% done!
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Three days until Nano and my plot is forming in my head somewhat. I now have a haunted village and a deal with a "god" and a bunch of missing children. It should turn out good and creepy and a whole lot of fun to write. So, of course a new game I want to play has been released ... Every single year, a new game is released (this year it's The Evil Within) and I get distracted and I have trouble writing. This year though, I made a deal with myself. I am NOT allowed to buy the game until December 1. I tried to convince myself that I couldn't buy it unless I actually won, but the fact of the matter is, I won't hold to that. It's a game about a murder in an abandoned mental hospital! How am I supposed to avoid that forever?

So with that distraction out of the way, a new distraction began to rear it's ugly head. I was bitten by a TF/MCU bunny a while back and now I want to go back to that. Again, I made a deal with myself. I can't write the MCU fic until I finish Polyhex and thus, the Polyhex bunny has bitten again, and I came up with a killer scene between Smokey and Mirage ... We shall see how well I keep on track this year because I really, really, really want to get this novel written, edited, and posted for anyone who wants to read it.
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I've been busy working on my novel plotting and things are starting to flesh out slightly, and as things are getting to where I want them to be, the bunnies are biting again. I really, really, really want to go back to the Bayverse/MCU crossover idea that I started a while back (here and here) so I may chose to focus on two stories this time around and go in as a Rebel this year with two 25K stories rather than one 50K story. We'll see. And yes, Polyhex is back on the back burner again. I periodically pick at it, but, honestly, I'm becoming disenchanted and need the break.

This was Canadian Thanksgiving and we had the whole family over - which for me is my folks, my brother and his family, and my aunt and uncle came into town. Much food, much thanks, and much visiting - including a nice tour of the Mackenzie King Estate up in the Gatineau Hills. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Ottawa during the open season, I really suggest you go. It's beautiful and the tea shop on site has some of the best smokes salmon anywhere. It was a very long good weekend even with the power struggle we had with my youngest niece.

In other news, I have to bring my middle child into the vet today. Poor Keegan just started walking funny and twisting like he was having a stroke. By the time we got to the vet he was fine again and they couldn't find anything wrong with him though they did take blood to ensure that he didn't eat anything toxic. We'll get the results back next week.

Pic of my Keegan )


One last thing: I'm sure that just about everyone has seen the posts about the guy (or group) who's reposting both fics and posts without permission. However, in case you haven't you may want to go here (http://fanfic-journal.com/), and check in the search box for your handle. The journal owner has a complaints box set up and is (sometimes) removing the offending posts and setting up an exclude list (here). So far I haven't found any of my own works, but that might be because the bot in use is searching for specific tags. People might want to jump ahead and put in a demand to be added to the exclude list ... not that we should have to. Apparently the concept of TOR and breaches of intellectual property laws hold no meaning for this asshole ...


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