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Title: It Wasn't Supposed To End Like This
Warnings/Content Advice: Major character death
Rating: T
Continuity: G1: Pre-Earth (AU)
Characters: Sentinel Prime, Ratchet, Prowl, Orion Pax
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers apply.
Prompt: 2. AU: I'm still a newb at AUs, but I found this amazing list courtesy of what appears to be a defunct au_bingo (sadness). Pick one of these terrific AU ideas for your fic! (Please indicate in your header what your AU basis was!) Canon historical event changed - something from "precanon" went differently

Author's Note: I had an idea for an AU story a while back that revolves around the idea of a what if. What if Megatron had failed to assassinate Sentinel Prime, Orion had never become Optimus Prime, and the Decepticon revolution had never gotten off the ground. This is kind of a prologue of sorts for that idea. Once I get around to writing this AU, I'll be fleshing this out.

Sentinel Prime stood above the smoking husk of the nameless gladiator, his hand pressed tightly to his side, keeping his internals inside his body.

"Get me a medic. Now!" he snapped, spitting out a mouthful of energon as he did.

The gladiator had almost won. It had been close. Far too close, and there was no way that Sentinel was going to let this affront go unpunished.

The medic, a red and white chevroned mech rushed up and began to move Sentinel's hand. The medic's touch was rough but professional.

"You need to come in to a field surgery, Prime," the medic was saying. "This damage is extreme and I can't fix it here."

"Sir, what do you want done with Mega-"

The guard was cut off by a sharp wave of Sentinel's hand and was sprayed with energon. To to his credit, the guard never flinched.

"Never! Never mention this scum's name. I was attacked by a nameless gladiator and was only mildly inconvenienced by the attempt. Am I making myself clear?" Sentinel growled.

"Sir! Yes, sir!" the guard replied, saluting sharply.

Sentinel felt more than heard Prowl's approach. The Praxian went immediately to the guards and began giving orders in a low voice. The mech was too quiet to be overheard, but Prime knew exactly what was being said. The body of his would-be assassin was destined for the smelting pits and Prowl would arrange for all records of Megatron to be stricken from the records. By the next vorn no one would remember this mech or his attempted coup.

"Prime," the medic prompted quietly, "you need to come with me to a field station. If you want to keep the story that you were only mildly inconvenienced, then I need to start working on you now."

Sentinel nodded slightly and placed one energon stained hand on the medic's shoulder. "What's your name, mech?"

"Ratchet." The reply was simple and straightforward. There was clearly going to be no attempt to curry favour or wheedle his way into Sentinel's regime here. This medic was just a medic, no more no less and clearly had no higher aims. This was just the kind of medic Sentinel needed around and he would have to look into this Ratchet's background a bit more thoroughly.

"Fine, Ratchet. Take me to your facilities and fix me up," Sentinel said. "But when you do, we sure to leave no scars at all. I want this done perfectly. There is to be no hint of this incident anywhere on my person. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

"Crystal," Ratchet replied.


On the far side of the field, hidden in the shadows of a large building, stood Orion Pax. The archivist sighed softly as he lowered his sight glasses. Megatron had been his friend and the best chance Cybertron had to ending Sentinel's totalitarian regime. And now he was dead and if Prime's troops acted as expected, there would be no record that Megatron had ever existed. Orion shook his head and pursed his lips tightly. No. He would be sure that Megatron was remembered and one day that memory would help to overthrow Sentinel. It was just going to take time, and, unfortunately, Cybertron didn't have a whole lot of time left.
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