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It's funny how my muses seem to be interchangeable with no notice whatsoever. So, here was the plan for September - I was going to start World-Building for my NaNo novel so that I could start plotting out the novel and not be caught flat-footed. Again. And I did manage to get some World-Building and some character creation done. So all good for October's plotting, right? Nope! Now that all that's done my Novel Muse has been replaced with my TF/MCU Muse who is demanding a massive amount of attention, and she's being prodded on by the "You Remind Me Of Someone I Used to Know" muse. Apparently they take place in the same universe or something.

So the plan for October seems to be to plot out the TF/MCU fic because I can't get Humanized-Combaticons taking on Hydra and AIM out of my head. Hopefully it'll work out, and maybe one day it'll see the light of day!
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Title: Untitled Transformers/MCU crossover
Warnings/Content Advice: None for this part
Rating: M
Continuity: AU - Marvel Comics/Bay-ish-verse crossover
Characters: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Phil Coulson, Thor, mentions of other, OC
Disclaimer: Not mine ... This was originally inspired by LadyDragon76's Cracka-verse, but now it's evolved into something more.
Note: So ages back I started writing a Transformers/MCU crossover. After much time and angsting, and such, this is chapter 1, and we will see where the story goes from here. I'm thinking that, while I do have an end-game in mind, I will just let this story evolve to where it wants to go. I'm thinking of it like a writing exercise.

Chapter 1 )


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