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Twenty-nine days, a near total lack of sleep, and a huge pile of words later and I am done. I have hit 50k and I am done NaNo!


Of course, all I really have is a seriously detailed outline and the novel still needs to be written, but I'm under less pressure now to accomplish it. This all means that I can get back to Polyhex and all the other various fanfictions that I had to put on the back burner. First though, some sleep. Lots of sleep.
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So it's October and NaNo is almost upon us. This year I'm going for a Gothic/Lovecraftian horror set in a haunted house and a cursed town where the success of the town is directly related to an ancient deal made by the village founder and the disappearance of children. I've been listening to Shirley Jackson and Richard Matheson for inspiration.

This does mean that my fanfics are going to be on the back burner for a while, though I may be almost done the next chapter of Polyhex Canadidate. I just need to clear up one last combat scene between Smokey and Jazz at the Smelting Pools and then that should be that. We'll see.
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As of this writing, I have 1,637 words left to cross the NaNoWriMo finish line. Of course, I have had to completely restart my novel, so I pretty much just have Chapter 1 complete at the time of this writing, but at least I know where it's going now ... even though it's somehow morphed from a Lovecraftian horror with Pulp aspects into a romance with erotica elements and a series of Cult-related murders in the background. This work will also feature my very first sex scene that doesn't involve robots. So, yeah, this is taking me by surprise. But oh well. If Sebastian and Lucas want to have hate-sex like a pair of horny Bonobos, who am I to argue? It's not like this first work is really going to be read by anyone, so I can experiment a little, right?

That said, I may possibly be posting here for those who do want to read and/or critique what I have. I'll be continuing with this novel through out the year until it's done, working on it in between finishing "Polyhex Candidate', and a couple of other stories that have spawned in my headspace this month. One is a continuation of "Nightingale Effect", wherein Smokescreen is reprogrammed into believing that he is (and always has been) a Decepticon and needs to act as shrink to all the crazy 'Cons. The other ... well, I've had this odd little notion for a what-if story. What if Megatron had failed to kill Sentinel all those years ago and the Decepticon movement had died with him? It's a dark idea for an AU TF history, taking the Council's corruption to the logical extreme and making the Autobots the new rebels against the Council.

But Polyhex first. That needs to be finished before anything else.
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Week four of NaNo and it's going well. Surprisingly. I even have plot going and and going really well, though a minor character has just introduced himself and is now apparently a major character. He should help out with the plot, so I won't fight his introduction, and maybe I can get this investigation under way good and proper.

I'm honestly rather surprised that I've gotten as far as I have, given that I've apparently been fighting an abscess since I got back from Las Vegas. That certainly explains why I've been so friggen tired the whole month. And unfortunately since I'm allergic to penicillin I have to take a much harsher antibiotic. Hopefully now that I'm on a medicine and getting healthy, the creative juices will be flowing better and I can really knock this story out.

All I need to do now is avoid the Transformers bunny that's been biting at me. Basically I now have a rough idea of where the follow-up/further chapters of The Nightingale Effect will go and what happens when Smokey realizes that he's been reprogrammed by Swindle. It should be good.
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I clearly think far too big when it comes to my longer stories. I am now just over 26k into NaNo and I haven't actually hit any real plot yet. Just character introductions, world set up, and some very basic plot elements. I am going to hit 50K and be nowhere near the cult or the the threat and about a million miles away from the actual punchline of the work. So once this is over and I've got Polyhex done, I really need to focus on trying to write shorter works.


Synopsis of Darkness Rising )


I'll post the novel here once it's actually done and edited ... so maybe next year?
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It's been almost a full month since I last posted. Sadly, nothing really came of it because I slipped further into depression and started cutting people off and stopped writing entirely due to a massive creative blockage. That seems to have finally been pushed aside. A short vacation to the head and lights of Las Vegas helped, and now I'm trying to focus on NaNoWriMo, and that's also helping out a little (though I need to get out and see people - go to write ins, stop being a shut-in, actually get out and see friends!)

Now, as I said, I'm better. I'm finding myself to be profoundly tired (like a deep bone weariness) but I'm feeling less like a crazy cat lady and more like a person rather than an over-used trope.

So, my plans are to work on NaNo this month. I have taken part in NaNo for eight consecutive years now and have won twice (once with a fanfiction that desperately needs a re-edit and once with an original novel that is still not complete). This year will be different though. Not only am I planning on finishing my novel, I am planning on posting it too. I'm not sure how many people will read it (the last time I posted original fiction it was pretty much ignored - which is fine; Gothic Horror isn't everyone's cup of tea), but I'm going to post it anyways, just to get it out there. And no, I am not planning on officially publishing my work. A) it's too close to fanfiction (drawing influence from the Lovecraft Circle and the Call of Cthulu game) and B) there is no way that I am good enough a writer to publish. Maybe in a few years, but not now.

This does all mean that I will be delayed at least another month with the next few chapters of Polyhex Candidate. Honestly, this delay is probably a good thing because I was becoming highly disenchanted with both the work and the fandom and I needed a good long while to work my head out of my aft. Polyhex will be completed and then I have plans to continue The Nightingale Effect and Return to Darkness will be completely rewritten and reposted as will Devil You Know. Beyond that, we'll see. I think between my original novel and all that potential fanfic, I have more than enough to deal with before I further speculate on more.
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So, yeah, I'm taking part in NaNo again, and it's going okay so far (crosses fingers) even though my plot decided to change about halfway through. I'm attempting to write a Lovecraftian Gothic Horror with some mystery and romance elements thrown in. I'm viewing it as Lovecraft meets Hammer Horror meets Mickey Spillane. So so far at the halfway mark I'm sitting at just over 25K so, yeah, it's going apace.

I've decided to be completely insane and post the first chapter here, since it can kind of stand alone. I mean, Lovecraft's stuff never had a resolution other than death and insanity, so I figure I can have a similar non-ending. Right?

As always, comments, critiques, et cetera are always welcome. Assuming I get this done, I'll be posting the story in a serialized format rather than aiming at publication. I'm not going to kid myself into believing that it's that easy to get published and read ... regardless of the Fifty Shades thing.

A Ghost from the Past )
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Well, one week in and things are going apace so far I hit the 10K mark early this morning when the muse decided that sleep was for the weak. Sturgeon's Law is still in full effect, but the core is solid so far. And I have discovered something -- Apparently even though I can write Mech-on-Mech action no problem, I blush like a school girl when I try to take on an organic sex scene. We'll see if that keeps up when I get to the "when in doubt, write porn" section of the frantic word-grab.

11423 / 50000 words. 23% done!


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