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It's a tad early yet ... though not really, now that I look at the calendar and see that it's the 20th already! Anyway, I am finding myself going through this year's posts and it occurs to me that I didn't post nearly enough. Nor did I write enough. It's like the old joke: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice." I need to write more if I want to get better at it, and I need to focus more on short-fic. There's no point in continuing to write novel length fics if I never finish them!

So, I already said over on Tumblr, I am aiming to have the next chapter of "Polyhex Candidate" posted by the end of the 25th (since Christmas will be very, very quiet for me this year), and I'm aiming to finish the next chapter of "Someone I Used to Know" as well. I have more scene ideas for the TF/MCU crossover, and I think that I may try to write several shortfics on that, rather than a long one. I have lots of ideas for the story, but no real direction and I think that several short pieces may help there. I might even try my hand at spinning off from the IDW/Avengers in concept and then go for the humanized angle later once there's an established relationship.

However, that story is starting to tie into my "Medical Psychology" series and that one needs a lot of world building in order to proceed. I may just start posting some of my headcanon in regards to the war, Cybertronian culture, Cybertronian reproduction and gender distinctions, and all the other machinations I have running around in my mind. The thing is that there is a lot out of IDW that I really like in concept and dislike in execution, and I'd like to play with those ideas and make them work with my own fanon and the extended fanons that I've adopted. And that ties in to the MCU crossover in that I need to decide what to keep and what to throw away - because there are aspects of the MCU that I really, really, really dislike.

So that's the tentative plan for my next few weeks as we close out the new year. And hopefully it will help me get on track for next year.
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So. yeah, November - and therefore, NaNoWriMo 2016 - is over. I got my 50K completed, but wasn't able to actually write anything even beginning to resemble a story. But I do have some scenes and ideas, so I'll eventually have something to actually write. I think that my problem is that I was too ambitious. I think that I had planned on using too many characters and ended up over-extending myself. I may need to do something like Dracoqueen22 is doing in their "Crown of Empire" series and have separate but concurrent stories with one dealing with the Autobots and the other with the Decepticons. Because I have plans! I have so many plans! I want to play with the idea of the Cybertronians not only as humans, but as mutants/inhumans, and with the idea of people being parts of different factions than usual. The problem ends up being a need for a massive amount of world-building, and that means lots and lots of short-fic.

But first things first, I put a lot of work on the back burner so that I could focus on NaNo, and my plans for December is to focus on that work. So I have in progress:

- The Polyhex Candidate - I have Chapter 19 written, but I want to have some more of the story completed before i post. Lat thing I want to do is post a chapter and then make people wait another year for an update!
- Smokescreen and Bluestreak fic entitled "Survivor's Guilt". It involves Blue comforting Smokey on the anniversary of the fall of Praxis. I'm writing it in part because of a Rare Pairings prompt, but also because I've now seen a number of "remembering Praxis" fics out there that seem to completely forget that Smokey's a Praxian too.
- A Smokescreen and Jazz fic set in the "You Remind Me Of Someone I Used To Know" series where we learn more about what happened to Smokey and why he's changed his designation. There's a lot of world-building in this series and I think that it will eventually lead into the Transformers/MCU fic.
- I'll probably also be writing a few more scenes in the TF/MCU story as they come to me. I still have so many ideas for that one, especially involving how the Cybertronians react to gender and sexuality in their new bodies and how the Avengers react to their new allies.
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It's funny how my muses seem to be interchangeable with no notice whatsoever. So, here was the plan for September - I was going to start World-Building for my NaNo novel so that I could start plotting out the novel and not be caught flat-footed. Again. And I did manage to get some World-Building and some character creation done. So all good for October's plotting, right? Nope! Now that all that's done my Novel Muse has been replaced with my TF/MCU Muse who is demanding a massive amount of attention, and she's being prodded on by the "You Remind Me Of Someone I Used to Know" muse. Apparently they take place in the same universe or something.

So the plan for October seems to be to plot out the TF/MCU fic because I can't get Humanized-Combaticons taking on Hydra and AIM out of my head. Hopefully it'll work out, and maybe one day it'll see the light of day!
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So I don't have many plans for myself this month. I am currently trying to finish a massive granny square blanket and I have a few fic ideas floating around in my brain.

So for the fics, they're all Ratchet/Smokescreen things and all following up on You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know. The idea is to gain inspiration from the old LiveJournal group, fanfic_100 and their Big Damned Table. If that works out, I will likely be turning "Used to Know" into a multi-chapter fic instead of posting 100 connected fictlets that are supposed to be read in order anyways.

Currently I am working on Chapter 2, wherein Ratchet turns to Jazz for information about Cortano and ends up discovering that there's some serious animosity between Cortano and Prowl. And I'll also be dropping more hints about what happened to Smokescreen, what that spark damage really is, and more world building for my own little headcanon of the history and society of Cybertron. So basically anything to avoid finishing The Polyhex Candidate and starting on my Transformers and Humans fics. Or my planned original novel ... At least my procrastination is taking me in creative directions?

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Well, we're into June and I have one plan and one plan only. I will finish Dinner, Music, and Dancing: An Unusual Graduation Gift. It's technically done now, but I need to flesh out some of it, so that I don't leave the readers with a FTB. The current plan is to get the next chapter posted this Thursday and the final chapter posted on the 9th, so I have until then to finish up the last chapter. If I get stuck on it, then I'll just post with the FTB rather than stress over it. I find that I'm not handling the stress well lately, so I won't put myself into a position where I'm experiencing it. Not over fanfic.

After that, we'll see. I feel a bit of a depression coming on (the joy of hormone therapy), and my writing ability usually goes down the crapper at those times. If I'm up to it I'm going to try to get back to The Polyhex Candidate since I probably only have 5 chapters left on that. Then I might work on my Transformers/MCU crossover.

I also have an old NaNo fic that needs to be re-edited and reposted, but I might do that in July for the next Camp NaNo session. It's a TF fic consisting solely of OCs. I might look at rewriting it as a totally original story though, since no one reads OC fics, and there's no point in posting if no one will read and enjoy it.

So, yeah, long and rambling way to say, I have one plan for June. Aim low and you'll never get disappointed, right?
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Well, it’s May and that means that Camp NaNo (April) is over. I reached my word goal in my editing, and I have decided that I am completely displeased with what I have and I am scrapping the TF/MCU fic. Or, should I say, I’m scrapping what I have. I think I was trying too hard to force the canons as they currently exist to play nicely together and they just won’t. … Well maybe they will, but I’m not the writer to make that particular crossover work. So I’m starting over and seeing if I can make AUs of the two fandoms and then make the AUs work together. Also, I’m thinking that I need to start in media res, with the Cybertronians already human and worry about the first meeting between the two groups later. Right now the first meeting is causing me too much stress, so I’m skipping it.

So, the plans for May are to work on the new version of the crossover and on my Smokey/Ratchet first meeting fic. I pretty much have two scenes left to write for that, I have to edit it a bit more, and then I can post. So far I’m really pleased with it, I’m just having trouble with the ending - specifically with a couple of potentially required NSFW scenes between the two characters. I have considered doing a couple of fade to blacks, but I doubt that the readers will appreciate that, and it would end up with the story ending rather quickly and overwhelmingly.

So, those are the plans. Two fics. I want to start one and finish the other. Hopefully I can manage at least that much.
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Well, I got very little done in February. I think that I posted the next section of my of Smokey/Ratchet first meetings fic up onto Tumblr this month, but that's really it.

If I'm going to be completely completely honest with myself, I think that the dry spell is stemming from some pretty deep depression. Someone posted on Tumblr recently about signs that "act empathetic but are really dead inside". It's sad how well that fit. So, I won't start whining about things that I know aren't true (like lack of readers and comments and how no one will read your stuff if it isn't BDSM Dratchet - that last one's just sour grapes on my part). Logically, I know that none of my fears are true and that the little depression voice in the back of my mind is just trying to get me to do something stupid to prove itself right. I just need to keep writing and decide later if I want to post what's written or not. After all, I have to take my own advice, otherwise I'm a hypocrite -- I posted a while back that we write for ourselves and post for others. I need to start writing for myself. Period. Full stop.

So, enough with the depression talk. I'm aiming to get back into things this month and that means the following:

1. I need to complete The Polyhex Candidate. Have about 1500 words written for the next chapter, but have been putting off posting it, because it's not actually a chapter's worth of material. I can probably finish the story in about 5 to 10 chapters at the most. I need to finish the damned thing or take it down and be done with these incomplete WiPs that I have going.

2. I have a fun little ficlet in the works involving Soundwave getting fixed up by Hook after Ravage mauled his arm when he tried to give her a pill.

3. I have the ongoing Smokey/Ratchet fic that I need to finish. I got through the contract, the dinner, and the concert. Now there's just the walk home and the rest of the night. And I need to decide just how explicit I'm comfortable making the fic. I have to be honest, the only reason I put sort-of-sticky into Mutual Support Systems was because it's what the readers want to see. It was a mistake, if I'm being honest with myself. I was uncomfortable writing it and the reasoning was flawed. I need to think long and hard about writing more in that style.

4. I have a Smokey/Ratchet Festival of the Five fic that would take place well after the first meetings fic wherein Jazz tries to play matchmaker between the two and get them back together. It would also explain what happened after the meetings fic to cover why they never ended up as an item.

5. And lastly, I need to think long and hard about my TFs as human fic. I need to decide what I'm going to do, what the plot will be, and how long I want it to go on. Last thing I want is for it to trail off and disappear into the ether because I get bored with the story and don't know where I'm going with it. ... And, of course, I can't write anything on this until Polyhex is done.

So, that's the plan. We'll see what gets done and what doesn't and I promise myself I won't be so hard on myself if I don't accomplish my goals this month.
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Happy 2016, everybody! I hope that this year is wonderful and happy for everyone!

I don't do Resolutions, mainly because I never keep them. But I do make plans, and I figure that if I write them down, they'll be easier to track. Yeah, I know. Semantics. But I really feel that "resolutions" are almost an excuse nowadays. "I revolve to do X! Even though there's no way in hell I ever will because my resolution is just too big to be feasible, but at least I can say that I had good intentions!"

Anyway, I have plans, and here they are! The plans for January:

1. Finish the next chapter of "The Polyhex Candidate". I have almost 2k written for this chapter, but it still needs to be completed. Right now I don't have Smokey and Mirage where I need them, and I have some OC things to write so that I can bring Prowl back into the main plot.

2. Finish the Smokey/Ratchet first meeting fic. I'm working on the dinner scene, and that's requiring a bit more confessions than I had originally planned. But I need them to get to know each other enough for Ratchet to keep wanting to see Smokey after the fic is done. Thankfully, part 2 is almost done. I haven't decided yet if this will be posted in one massive thing or three chapters. If I go with a chaptered fic, it'll likely be three. Maybe four if I choose to include some sexy-times with them.

3. Finish the tentatively titled: "Ravage won't take her pills" fic. This one is almost done. I just have to get a better feel for Soundwave and clean things up.

4. Get a better handle on my TF/Avengers fic. At this point I have so many characters that I want to introduce, and so many changes I need to make to the Bayverse characters that I might just go with a totally AU cross between the early IDW (pre-AHM) stuff and G1 with a hint of Bay's Earth thrown in for good measure. Either way, I am looking at the need for world-building.

So those are the four plans. I think I can manage that much this month and then just go from there. Month to month!


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